Trading Diary

Find all our Freebird Trades and see our performance

In our Freebird Trading online diary you find all of our real made future trades.
We love to be transparent and honest when it comes to our trading performance.


Because of COVID-19 I am currently not invested in any market
and unfortunately this project is not meaningful anymore.
I will start a new project as soon as the crisis is over.
Stay save!

About our futures account

At the beginning of the year 2020, we opened a futures trading account with 50.000 USD. And yes, this a real account with real money and not only a demo account where we just play or even fool around. In this account, we use our Freebird Trading Strategies which mostly are based on:

Forward Curves, COT Data, Seasonals and Volume Profile

About our trading diary

With our trading diary we want to show you all of our trades, our real performance and equity. We will be 100% honest and transparent. You’ll find every trade we’ve made. For this is a free feature, we decided only to show trades that are already closed and the reason for that is very simple:

This is not meant to give advice or to reveal trades in advance

About our performance

Project canceled because of COVID-19.