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Settlements & Forward Curves have the most impact on markets

You may at least have heard about Contango and Backwardation… But there is a lot more to it and it is definitely worth spending time in understanding settlements, forward curves and Freebird Trading Settlements Charts. And yes, it is true, changes in settlements and forward curves have the biggest impact on the price for most markets.

For a serious trader, It is absolutely essential to keep an eye on the settlements. I always do, others do and you should definitely do as well! But honestly, I was never really happy with most of the charts that are offered online, so I reinvented the view on forward curves which eventually became the Freebird Trading Settlement Charts.


From simple settlements   →   over forward curves   →   to Freebird Trading Settlement Charts


Freebird Trading Settlement Charts
example of settlements in Corn future

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In futures markets, you have a couple of future contracts. Each contract has it’s open, high, low, last and settlement price. The settlement price is calculated at the end of the trading day for the contract. The settlement prices of the follow up contracts are very helpful and give us valuable information about a market.

Forward curves

Freebird Trading Settlement Charts
example of a forward curve

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A forward curve is a common graph, that shows the settlements for every single day in a very simple line chart. By looking at a forward curve you can easily tell if a market is in contango or in backwardation. It is absolutely necessary to know the forward curve status of a market since it has the most impact on price movements.

Settlements Charts

Freebird Trading Settlement Charts
Freebird Trading Settlements Chart

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Settlements always serve as the basis. Forward curves are a simple method to show the settlement in a graph. And finally, the invention of the Freebird Trading Settlements Chart is the last step of this evolution and the best possible way to keep an eye on the most important market information out there.

Freebird Trading Settlements Charts

It has never been easier to read and interpret settlements than with

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