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Future Contracts

Here you will find the most important information about the most common futures at a glance. You can find the future contract specifications, future tick size, future tick value and the main trading hours of the markets. If you need more information about the respective markets, I recommend visiting the official website of the respective exchange. There you will find a lot more useful information about the markets.

CodeNameTick SizeTick ValueContract SizeMargin ¹Hours (CET)Link
GCGold0.1 dollar (10 cent)$10100 troy ounces$8,200 00:00 – 23:00CME
QOGold (Mini)0.25 dollar (25 cent)$1050 troy ounces00:00 – 23:00CME
MGCGold (Micro)0.1 dollar (10 cent)$110 troy ounces00:00 – 23:00CME
SISilver0.005 dollar (0.5 cent)$255,000 troy ounces$10,000 00:00 – 23:00CME
QISilver (Mini)0.0125 dollar (1.25 cent)$31.252,500 troy ounces00:00 – 23:00CME
SILSilver (Micro)0.005 dollar (0.5 cent)$51,000 troy ounces00:00 – 23:00CME
PLPlatinum0.1 dollar (10 cent)$550 troy ounces$4,95000:00 – 23:00CME
PAPalladium0.5 dollar (50 cent)$50100 troy ounces$49,500 00:00 – 23:00CME
PAM ²Palladium (Micro)0.5 dollar (50 cent)$510 troy ounces00:00 – 23:00CME
HGCopper0.0005 dollar (0.05 cent)$12.525,000 pounds$2,970 00:00 – 23:00CME
QCCopper (Mini)0.002 dollar (0.2 cent)$2512,500 pounds 00:00 – 23:00CME
CodeNameTick SizeTick ValueContract SizeMargin ¹Hours (CET)Link
CLCrude Oil0.01 dollar (1 cent)$101,000 barrels (158,987 L)$5,61000:00 – 23:00CME
QMCrude Oil (Mini)0.025 dollar (2,5 cent)$12.5500 barrels (79,493 L)00:00 – 23:00CME
RBRBOB Gasoline0.0001 dollar (0,01 cent)$4.242,000 gallons (158,987 L)$7,86500:00 – 23:00CME
NGHenry Hub Natural Gas0.001 dollar (0,1 cent)$1010,000 mmBtu (211,011 kg)$2,20000:00 – 23:00CME
QGHenry Hub Natural Gas (Mini)0.005 dollar (0,5 cent)$12.52,500 mmBtu (52,753 kg)00:00 – 23:00CME
CodeNameTick SizeTick ValueContract SizeMargin ¹Hours (CET)Link
ZCCorn1/4 cent (0.0025 dollar)$12.55,000 bushels (~127t)$1,10002:00 – 20:20CME
XCCorn1/8 cent (0.00125 dollar)$1.251,000 bushels (~25t)02:00 – 20:45CME
ZWChicago SRW Wheat1/4 cent (0.0025 dollar)$12.55,000 bushels (~136t)$1,59502:00 – 20:20CME
XWChicago SRW Wheat (Mini)1/8 cent (0.00125 dollar)$1.251,000 bushels (~27t)02:00 – 20:45CME
ZRRough Rice1/2 cent (0.005 dollar)$102,000 cwt (~102t)$1,10002:00 – 20:20CME
ZOOats1/4 cent (0.0025 dollar)$12.55,000 bushels (~77t)$66002:00 – 20:20CME
ZSSoybean1/4 cent (0.0025 dollar)$12.55,000 bushels (~136t)$1,92502:00 – 20:20CME
XKSoybean (Mini)1/8 cent (0.00125 dollar)$1.251,000 bushels (~27t)02:00 – 20:45CME
ZMSoybean Meal1/10 cent (0.001 dollar)$10100 short tons (~91t)$1,32002:00 – 20:20CME
ZLSoybean Oil1/100 cent (0.0001 dollar)$660,000 pounds (~27t)$50002:00 – 20:20CME
CodeNameTick SizeTick ValueContract SizeMargin ¹Hours (CET)Link
CCCocoa1 dollar$1010 tons$1,43010:45 – 19:30ICE
CTCotton No. 21/100 cent (0.0001 cent)$550,000 pounds (~23t)$1,65003:00 – 20:20ICE
OJFCOJ-A (Orange Juice)5/100 cent (0.0005 dollar)$7.515,000 pounds (~7t)$2,14514:00 – 20:00ICE
KCCoffee C5/100 cent (0.05 dollar)$18.7537,500 pounds (~17t)$2,97010:15 – 19:30ICE
SBSugar No. 111/100 cent (0.01 dollar)$11.2112,000 pounds (~51t)$1,54009:30 – 19:00ICE
LBLumber1/10 cent (0.1 dollar)$11110,000 nominal board feet (~260m³)16:00 – 23:00CME
CodeNameTick SizeTick ValueContract SizeMargin ¹Hours (CET)Link
LELive Cattle0.00025 dollar (0.025 cent)$1040,000 pounds (~18t)$1,98015:30 – 20:05CME
GFFeeder Cattle0.00025 dollar (0.025 cent)$12.550,000 pounds (~23t)$3.71315:30 – 20:05CME
HELean Hogs0.00025 dollar (0.025 cent)$1040,000 pounds (~18t)$1.98015:30 – 20:05CME
CodeNameTick SizeTick ValueContract SizeMargin ¹Hours (CET)Link
6AAustralian Dollar0.00005 dollar$5.00100,000 Australian dollars$2,36500:00 - 23:00CME
M6AAustralian Dollar (Micro)0.0001 dollar$1.0010,000 Australian dollars00:00 - 23:00CME
6BBritish Pounds0.0001 dollar$6.2562,500 British pounds$2,97000:00 - 23:00CME
M6BBritish Pounds (Micro)0.0001 dollar$0.6256,250 British pounds00:00 - 23:00CME
6CCanadian Dollar0.00005 dollar$5100,000 Canadian dollars$1,43000:00 - 23:00CME
M6CCanadian Dollar (Micro)0.0001 dollar$110,000 Canadian dollars00:00 - 23:00CME
6EEuro FX0.00005 dollar$6.25125,000 Euro$2,36500:00 - 23:00CME
E7Euro FX (Mini)0.0001 dollar$6.2562,500 Euro00:00 - 23:00CME
M6EEuro FX (Micro)0.0001 dollar$1.2512,500 Euro00:00 - 23:00CME
6JJapanese Yen0.0000005 dollar$6.2512,500,000 Japanese yen$2,31000:00 - 23:00CME
J7Japanese Yen (Mini)0.000001 dollar$6.256,250,000 Japanese yen00:00 - 23:00CME
M6JJapanese Yen (Micro)0.000001 dollar$1.251,250,000 Japanese yen00:00 - 23:00CME
6LBrazilian Real0.00005 dollar$5100,000 Brazilian reals00:00 - 23:00CME
6MMexican Peso0.00001 dollar$5500,000 Mexican pesos$1,70500:00 - 23:00CME
6NNew Zealand Dollar0.0001 dollar$10100,000 New Zealand dollars$2.09000:00 - 23:00CME
6SSwiss Franc0.0001 dollar$12.5125,000 Swiss francs$3,30000:00 - 23:00CME
CodeNameTick SizeTick ValueContract SizeMargin ¹Hours (CET)Link
ESE-mini S&P 5000.25 points$12.5$50 x S&P 500 Index$13,20000:00 - 23:00CME
MESE-mini S&P 500 (Micro)0.25 points$1.25$5 x S&P 500 Index00:00 - 23:00CME
YME-mini Dow ($5)1 points$5$5 x Dow Jones Industrial Average ("DJIA")$10,40000:00 - 23:00CME
MYME-mini Dow (Micro)1 points$0.5$0.5 x Dow Jones Industrial Average ("DJIA")00:00 - 23:00CME
NKNikkei 225 / USD5 points$255 index points$6,16000:00 - 23:00CME
NQE-mini Nasdaq 1000.25 points$5$20 x Nasdaq-100 Index$17,600 00:00 - 23:00CME
MNQE-mini Nasdaq 100 (Micro)0.25 points$0.5$2 x Nasdaq-100 Index00:00 - 23:00CME
FDAXDAX Futures1 points25€€25 x DAX08:00 - 22:00EUREX
FDXMDAX Futures (Mini)1 points5€€5 x DAX (Mini)08:00 - 22:00EUREX

¹ The margin varies from time to time and from broker to broker
² The volume of this market is too low. You just can’t trade this market.