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All I am teaching is tested and you will get proof

What you should know

Over the years I spent more than 30,000 USD in trading coaches, seminars and education to become a serious trader. The biggest part of this money was well spent and really gave me new insights and great trading approaches I could use and analyze afterward. But a small part of this money was just wasted because there was a lack of evidence, verification and backtesting. All I am teaching is 100% proofed because I literally have backtested everything others claimed to have discovered.

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This is my promise

I’ve learned from the best traders in the world. Some of my coaches are regularly listed in the top 5 rankings of the Worldchampionship Of Future Trading. I will never stop learning and improving. All my knowledge and discoveries will always flow in my training. So you will always be up to date. Whenever I learn something new – as long as you are my student – I will share my knowledge with you!

Online video courses, live webinars and personal support

This is what you get

First, we’ll have an initial meeting to get to know each other. The training program consists of different components. You will have access to my online video courses which you will do on your own, but also there will be live webinars for questions and answers, market analyzes and trading opportunities. You’ll be part of the Freebird Trading family in my Freebird Trading Academy Forum where you’ll have my personal support and I will answer your questions within less than 48h. Last but not least, during your training period you’ll also have access to all my tools, charts and signals too.

Freebird Trading Package

Free online course
Module 1

Section 1

Section 2

Section 3
Trading types

Section 4

Section 5

Premium online courses
Module 2

Section 6
Markets & participants

Section 7

Section 8
Charts & Indicators

Section 9
Volume Profile

Section 10
Developing trading systems

Section 11

Section 12

Section 13
Trading with a plan

Section 14
Trading systems

Section 15
COT reports

Section 16
Settlements & Forward Curves

Section 17
The ∆ Signals

Freebird Trader

Initial meeting
• 1on1 personal video call

Unlimited access to
• all online courses

3 months of access to
• Premium COT Charts
• Settlements Charts
• ∆ Signals

3 months of weekly webinars
• questions and answers
• trading opportunities
• market overviews

3 months of personal support
• access to my academy forum
• answering questions within 48h

Participation is limited to a few students per course

Next TRAINING groups

Freebird Trading german

Group A

Start: August 1st, 2021
Language: German

From August 1st the complete Freebird Trading Online Training will be available. Learn everything about trading systems, COT charts, settlement charts, forward curves and the secret behind the Delta Signals.


Freebird Trading english

Group B

Start: January 1st, 2022
Language: English

Be part of the first English training group and learn all about trading systems, reading COT charts, interpreting settlements charts and learn the secret behind the Delta Signals. The number of participants for this course will be limited.

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