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Profile LarsWelcome to Freebird Trading. My name is Lars. When I first came into contact with the financial markets in 2014, I immediately was fascinated and hooked. At first, I was just looking for a way to invest some of my savings and so I put my money in stocks. However, after I made some profits, my ambition grabbed me and I decided to take a closer look at the financial markets and develop my own indicators, charts, tools and trading systems.

Eventually, I discovered what would later become my passion    trading commodity futures

In the meantime, I took a lot of lessons from a large number of trading coaches, I spent several thousand bucks on education and put more than 8,000 hours into studies, research and analyzes. I have studied many different topics of trading. Eventually, my trading approach combines the best of what I have learned so far, including:

Forward Curves   •   Settlements   •   Commitments of Traders reports   •   Seasonals   •  Volume Profile   •  Price Action

Freebird Trading Tools

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COT Charts

The Commitment Of Traders report, which is weekly released by the CFTC, gives us insight into the positioning of the big market participants. Every trader definitely should use the COT report. The reports are awkward to read because they are quite confusing. The best way to read and interpret the COT report is in a chart.

My Freebird Trading COT charts are revolutionary and probably the best COT charts you’ll find

Settlements Charts

No matter what future market you are trading, changes in the settlements or forward curves will have the biggest impact on price. It is essential to have an overview of the settlements. Unfortunately, it is hard to keep an eye on pure numbers. Again the advantage is to use charts instead, so I invented and developed settlements charts.

Using Freebird Settlements Charts is absolutely essential for every serious future trader


Settlements and forward curves have the most impact on a market’s price? That’s why I came up with the idea to develop a system that would generate signals when significant changes of the settlements pop up. After 3 years of programming, backtesting and fine-tuning, the Delta Signals were born and is an essential part of my trading since.

Combine the Delta Signals with my other tools to find great market entries and exits

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The ∆ Signals

The Delta Signals is the result of the idea to develop a trading system with a high winning percentage

And the performance is quite impressive. These graphs show the monthly profits and the equity curve if you would have traded every signal of the Delta Signals unfiltered with 1 standard future contract starting from July 2011 till today. You’ll immediately notice that there are a lot of months with very high profits and only a few months with low losses. This is exactly what I intended the Delta Signals to be like and what makes trading easier and as relaxed as it could be.

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